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cover for The Feathered Kingdom Book One: When Fools Prevail

When Fools Prevail

War has been declared!

The Feathered Kingdom is in turmoil as the bloodthirsty opossums destroy villages one at a time. Their ultimate goal is the Capital, where a clueless King sits, doing nothing to stop the coming army. Or is he clueless?

You decide as you delve into a world filled with intrigue, suspense, and nonstop swashbuckling adventure. Here you will find unexpected heroes, despicable fiends, and savage beasts. Join The Wing, Joshua, and Faith as they begin an epic battle for the survival of the Feathered Kingdom.

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cover for The Adventures of the Wing #1 - The Root of Evil

The Adventures of the Wing

A series of short episodes that follow John Blackwing and his heroic alter ego, the Wing, in the years before the events of The Feathered Kingdom Series.

From the halls of the royal court to the crime-ridden streets of the capital’s east district—and even to lands outside the kingdom—join him as he uses swords, wits, and his faith in the Great Caretaker to fight—and witness to—villains, and to protect the innocent.

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Rachel and baby

R. Michal Odum

Rachel is a musician and songwriter who sang and played guitar in a bluegrass band with her three sisters for several years. All that changed quickly when she got married and started a family of her own. She has always dreamed of two things: being a mom and writing books. It is difficult to do those two things at the same time, but with all the books on her to-write list, let’s hope that she has the opportunity to delight many readers to come!

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