Character Profile One: Billy and Tommy


Did you not just hear that incredibly large chicken call for our deaths? – Tommy

Billy and Tommy have been, by far, my favorite characters to develop in the books, for they constantly have me in stitches with each new scene they are in. It is not uncommon to find David and me on one of our long drives, with tears running down our faces from laughing at a new idea for a Billy and Tommy scene. They are clueless, but hysterically adorable. They also play an integral role in the first book as spies for the enemy, and courageously help to deter the opossum army in a possible battle that could destroy the Feathered Kingdom. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, they’re opossums! Vegetarian opossums, of course.

Inspired By Real Life

My inspiration for these delightful creatures came from actual live opossums that my family and I raised from tiny babies. We had so much fun raising them as our little pets, but eventually we had to let them go. We took them to a wildlife reserve/ranch where they were released.

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