Character Profile The Wing Zorro Stick Figure

Character Profile Three: The Wing


“At your service, you filthy rodents.” – the Wing

Some call him villain while others fondly consider him their hero and defender, but villains and friends alike call him the Wing.

While the Feathered Kingdom is faced with a King that is selfishly indifferent to the needs of his more impoverished subjects and the small neglected villages on the outskirts of the border, there is one who has risen heroically to their aid. One who untiringly fights and sacrifices for the good of his comrades and fellow chickens.

The Wing (or just Wing) was a character that was actually inspired by and started out with the name “Zorro”, but because we didn’t want to run into any copyright infringements we changed it. He fights with deadly accuracy while glibly offering witty conversation, but you will find when reading When Fools Prevail that he also holds a position very different from his costumed role as┬ádefender of good. Think Zorro crossed with Batman, but a little more grounded in reality than either of those (aside from the fact that he is a rooster).

Inspired by Real Life

The character for Wing actually developed from a rooster that we owned a long time ago. He was our second rooster, the first one having been slaughtered by a neighborhood stray weeks before, and was very attentive and kind to his two little hens. They were our very first step into farm life and we were quite proud of the little brood. Every day someone, very tenderly, would carry the precious few eggs that we received into the house with great joy. We loved all of our chickens very much, and I still look on the witless birds fondly when I see them.



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