Character Profile Joshua V2

Character Profile Two: Joshua


“Fellow countrymen, friends newly acquainted, all drawing sword with me this day… let’s kill opossum!” – Joshua

He’s quick! He’s deadly! He’s a white cat named Joshua who just so happens to be my next character profile.

Joshua is another character that I like to write scenes with, especially when they are scenes with his brother, Amos, his hated enemy, John, or even his hero, the Wing. He’s a daring rogue that refuses to run from a fight—much to his brother’s chagrin—and his hotheaded temper very often gets him into trouble. It also makes him a challenging opponent when matched with someone of similar skill with the blade. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating a character with such a vibrant personality and we have lots of plans for Joshua in future books—beyond even this trilogy.

Inspired by Real Life

Most of the characters in my Feathered Kingdom series are from actual pets that we own or have owned in the past, and Joshua is no exception. His mother, Esther, was the first cat we ever had as a pet, and when she had her two little white kittens we were absolutely ecstatic. One of those kittens was our Joshua and he had just as much personality in real life as the Joshua in my book.

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