Cover Sketches Are Here!

When Fools Prevail Sketch Version One
When Fools Prevail Sketch Version Two (Yellow)
When Fools Prevail Sketch Version Two (Blue)
When Fools Prevail Sketch Version Three

We have received three initial sketches from the cover illustrator that we hired. Rachel’s first book in The Feathered Kingdom series, When Fools Prevail, is coming along nicely. Exciting times!

After some discussion with my writer wifey we have chosen the one that we like best and have sent some further questions and suggestions to the illustrator. Keep in mind that these are only initial sketches. The final image should look more polished and marketable. However, there is one in particular of these sketches that we already think looks pretty suh-weet!

Vote for your favorite one.

At the top of this post are the three initial sketches (plus one color variation). Click to enlarge. Please leave your votes and feedback in the comments!

  1. Emily Curtis
    Emily Curtis01-26-2015

    I like the cover with the black & white cat on front!! The gray cityscape in the background looks cool!! It’s the best. Not sure if this is how you note…

  2. Amberly Burger
    Amberly Burger01-27-2015

    This is so exciting! I like the first sketch and the last one!

    • R. Michal Odum
      R. Michal Odum01-30-2015

      We’re pretty excited and can’t wait for the book release! Thanks, Amber, for commenting!

  3. Myrna Throckmorton
    Myrna Throckmorton01-27-2015

    I like the middle design with the blue background, and the last one. I’d have a hard time choosing between them.

    • R. Michal Odum
      R. Michal Odum01-30-2015

      The artist really did a great job, and we might actually use one of the designs for book two, which I am currently working on. Gotta keep one book ahead of my releases! Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Anonymous punk
    Anonymous punk01-28-2015

    THE BLUE ONE IS FAR SUPERIOR….(RACHEL YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • R. Michal Odum
      R. Michal Odum01-30-2015

      No, you’re awesome! 😛 (Also, your opinion is duly noted.)

  5. Stephen Thompson
    Stephen Thompson01-30-2015

    I’m liking either the 2 middle covers (since they’re very similar) or the one on the far right. The one on the far right focuses more on the cat as the main protagonist. Just my 2 cents.

    Looking forward to seeing the books develop. 🙂

    • R. Michal Odum
      R. Michal Odum01-30-2015

      Thanks a lot! We really appreciate everyone’s encouraging comments!

    • David Odum
      David Odum01-30-2015

      Thanks for the feedback, Stephen! Maybe one day we will make enough money with the books to hire a real website designer. 😉

  6. Robert Fry
    Robert Fry01-30-2015

    Second one from left, in yellow. That’s my favorite.

  7. Anonymous

    The last one. With the kitty. Say me not nay. It will be okay. Cats look good in swords and long black leather combat boots. Exudes confidence. Foolishly, but in a prevailing way.

    • The Dad
      The Dad01-30-2015

      Oops. That last (anonymous) was me. Forgot to provide identity.

    • R. Michal Odum
      R. Michal Odum01-31-2015

      Interesting, I will say. Though to tell you nay I cannot say. That will have to wait yet another day. 🙂

  8. Jeff B
    Jeff B01-30-2015

    I think the yellow one would be more eye appealing to the youth but I, myself, like the blue background best. Good luck and God bless!

    • R. Michal Odum
      R. Michal Odum01-31-2015

      Thanks! So far we’re getting a lot of picks for the blue and yellow one!

  9. David Odum
    David Odum01-31-2015

    Next time we will probably throw in a better voting mechanism. So far the results are:

    5 – Blue/Yellow Sketch (middle ones)
    5 – Cat With Cityscape (last one)
    1 – Swords to Necks (first one)

    We now what should be the final cover in our possession! Stay tuned…

  10. Amber Schamel
    Amber Schamel02-05-2015

    Personally, I like the one to the far right. The others are a little too busy, I think. 🙂

    • R. Michal Odum
      R. Michal Odum03-03-2015

      Thanks so much for your support and feedback. David picked the yellow one because he thought it looked really good in a thumbnail. Tell the others thanks, as well, and that, based on your suggestions we beefed up the Wing vs. Minx and the Wing vs. Joshua fight scene, and will be releasing them to the current subscribers of our newsletter.

  11. Amber Schamel
    Amber Schamel02-05-2015

    Grace likes the one on the far right. She says it looks cool.

    Melody likes the far right, or the blue.

    Keren and Caleb like the blue.

  12. Shonakah Green
    Shonakah Green02-09-2015

    #4 caught my eye first, but like#3 as well

    • David Odum
      David Odum03-03-2015

      Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.

  13. Sethyduke

    Hee hee hee…. Thou shalt picketh the blue cover…. OR ELSE FACE THE WRATH OF SETHYDUKE!!! Hee hee just kidding but please pick the blue one.

    • David Odum
      David Odum03-03-2015

      You are no match for… the yellow one. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • Sethyduke

        No but the blue one is

      • David Odum
        David Odum03-05-2015

        We have already given the yellow one super powers. Check the Books page.

        • Sethyduke

          Where’s that at?

          • David Odum
            David Odum03-05-2015

            The main menu.

  14. Sethyduke

    The blue one is so cool it needeth not super powers;)

    • David Odum
      David Odum03-06-2015

      Heh. Our illustrator is good, but not THAT good. I don’t think his initial sketches could stand on their own.

  15. Sethyduke

    No but I’m sure it will when it’s done! 😉 good luck!

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