FIGHT! Famous Talking Animals Vs. Feathered Kingdom


The Feathered Kingdom series features talking animals exclusively, but wielding swords and living in castles. I thought it would be fun to compare some famous talking animals to characters in the book. These are listed in no particular order.


1. The Biblical Serpent in Eden Vs. Oscar


Though some believe this was a snake, it was actually a beast of the field that God cursed into a snake. It was the most subtle of all the beasts, and it could talk. I believe that it very closely resembled a man and is actually the “missing link” that the evolutionists want to find so badly.


A duck from the treacherous Land of Flight. He is sinister, annoying, and has his hand in just about all the evil that takes place in the book. I think that’s a pretty good comparison, don’t you?


If we’re talking about the snake then Oscar could take one of those with a garden rake. If we’re talking about “that old serpent”, though, then he has had six thousand years of experience so I don’t think Oscar would stand a chance. Good riddance. Actually, come to think of it, Oscar is already one of the serpent’s minions whether the duck knows it or not.

2. Puss In Boots Vs. Joshua


I did not watch the kitty’s latest movie outing, and from what I have heard I do not think I ever will. However, the swashbuckling bravado that I witnessed in the trailer is about right for Joshua.


Quick and lethal cat, with an edge of danger. Even though he gets soundly beaten, his first fight scene with the Wing shows off some of his potential.


I feel fairly confident that our Joshua could take him. And there is no question in mind if we are talking about who Joshua becomes after… well, let’s not reveal all our secrets.

3. Mufasa Vs. Amos


He’s wise, he’s majestic, he makes hyena’s shiver in fear, he’s… “MufasaMufasaMufasa!”


Also wise and somewhat majestic, but, I mean, he’s a cat, not a lion. Lions live in the Deadlands. Amos is a natural leader, and this particularly comes out in a part in the epic battle scene where he saves a comrade’s life by offering timely tactical advice.


Well, it’s hard to offer any hope to Amos if it were a one-on-one battle, but Mufasa’s pride against Amos’s tribe? That’s more like it!


That’s all for now! If we get any comments then maybe we will do a part two. Or we might do one even if we don’t. Choices, choices…

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