Official Release Of The Adventures Of The Wing

Official Release of The Adventures of the Wing


We are happy to announce that our new series has finally been released!

This is currently a free series. The first episode is available to all, while the other episodes are free to our email subscribers.

Here is a quick synopsis:


cover for The Adventures of the Wing #1 - The Root of EvilThe Adventures of the Wing

A series of short episodes that follow John Blackwing and his heroic alter ego, the Wing, in the years before the events of The Feathered Kingdom Series.

From the halls of the royal court to the crime-ridden streets of the capital’s east district—and even to lands outside the kingdom—join him as he uses swords, wits, and his faith in the Great Caretaker to fight—and witness to—villains, and to protect the innocent.


Click here to learn more and to download the first episode. Click here to subscribe to the email list, after which you should automatically get an email with a link to the rest of the episodes.

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